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D3 Graphics

Simplest graphic in D3 - a circle Circle HTML / JS
Transition: Position Circle Moving HTML / JS
Transition: Size and position Rectangle resizing HTML / JS
Complex shapes Snowflake HTML / JS
Animate multiple objects Falling Bubbles HTML / JS
Dynamic Lighting 1: light source in center of page Dynamic Lighting HTML / JS
Hover over objects to highlight. Click on central object to move light source Moving Light HTML / JS
Snowflakes: D3 can draw background and object images too Few Snowflakes HTML / JS

Canvas Graphics

Galaxy Fly-Through: Canvas for faster drawing and more-complex animation Galaxy HTML / JS
Heavy Snow: Canvas graphics can handle many more graphics objects Heavy Snow HTML / JS
Gravity & Black Holes Text Morph HTML / JS
Motion of 2 Stars - Newtonian Newton Universal Gravitation HTML / JS
Motion of Multiple Stars - Newtonian Newton Motions of Multiple Stars HTML / JS


LabsKit animated LabsKit Icon HTML / JS
Fire simulation Fire Icon HTML / JS
Snow, rain, volcanoes! Snowflakes in Hell HTML / JS
SVG Lighting Effects SGV Lighting HTML / JS
Drop Shadow Effects SGV Lighting HTML / JS
SVG Turbulence Effects SGV Lighting HTML / JS