Dean's space. Visit here for a brief glimpse into what's happening in my world. From animation and graphics to web-based home security systems, this site also contains demos and source code from various teaching experiences.

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Examples and source-code from graphics presentations and teachings.

Shows 2D and 3D samples from HTML5, D3, WPF, WebGL, DirectDraw and other graphics libraries.

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Click here for details on the GeriCam suite of web-based alarm and security software solutions.

Keep an eye on your loved ones, your elderly family members, or just keep watch on your home. Know that people are living their regular schedule without bothering them with a visit.

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About Me

Dean heads up graphics, animation, and mapping solutions at a rather well-known consulting firm. He runs, bikes, drinks, codes, and plays the piano – some of them at the same time.

Contact information, blog, photos, current activities, family life, travel, music, chemistry, computer science, literature, wine, food, the good stuff goes on and on...

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